Energy / equipment sustainables

Energy / sustainable equipment
The equipment and sustainable energy generation and storage are the elements that allow necessris in green energy (*), mobility, waste and water, to achieve the reduction of greenhouse gases pass through:
   • To achieve a reduction in emissions.
   • Ensure PRODUCE renewable energy
   • Improving waste management and water

(*) Green energy is all that energy from renewable sources such as sun, wind, heat from the earth, waves … At the same time also ensures that the technology used in obtaining the solar panels, the wind power, geothermal power utilization or hydraulic; it generates no waste or emissions, or at very least; making its impact on the environment and health is very low.

In the following links you will find:
   • plugs for charging electric car
   • batteries to store energy in houses and buildings
   • biofilters to reuse rainwater
   • Home automation elements
   • wind power
   • solar energy
   • low consumption

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