What is Bioconstruction Green Building?
The Bioconstruction is built for life. Building and preserving binding (integrating) the natural or urban environment (life) with housing, using both technological applications as functional and aesthetic aspects of sustainable building materials, with the goal of habitats that meet human needs and sustainable health conditions.

Aspects to consider in green building bioconstruction and sustainable construction:

  • Place or suitable location. (Keep in mind the health and ecology of the environment).
    Types adapted to the area (integration into the landscape and local architecture).
  • Orientation and use of passive energy sun, energy saving and use of renewable energy.
    Building systems.
  • Sustainable materials, natural, healthy and breathable. (Taking into account the cost of energy extraction, manufacturing, transportation and installation).
  • Use natural barriers phonic and insulating materials for proper thermal and acoustic comfort.
  • Recycling and rational management of water.
  • Aesthetic and functional interior: color, light, space and dimensions.
  • Minimization of electromagnetic pollution.
  • Low economic and social cost.
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