Healthy home

In order to have a healthy home is necessary that the house is clean of negative energy. To achieve clean energy and have a negative healthy home could do with it:

  • The direction that give the healthy home, so that has the most hours of daylight a day.
    Allows for adequate ventilation vents crossed that we will make the house to “breathe” and be healthy.
  • Geobiology, quis helps us determine the various elements are both natural (groundwater flow friction with the ground, emit hydrogen ions that cross the land and reach vertically to the people ..) and artificial (electromagnetic fields wi-fi, natural light-dark) house that influence our biological processes (the pineal gland, which have in the base of the brain, responsible for generating melatonin for sleep but is stopped by daylight, so soon appears, and also by electromagnetic fields) as well as living beings and modify these elements either apparatus, distributions room (positions of beds, curtains antiradiacions with copper wire and silver …) or to some Cosell implemented in the evenings to have a healthy home.
  • Plants For as fruit and vegetables, while they are a decorative element to help us oxygenating substances and filter contaminated air inside the house making it healthier. Cacti located adecuadamente windows also help to have a healthier home. Fruit and vegetables on a flight in the dining room or kitchen contrubieixen also a healthy home.
  • The cleanliness and order does give good vibrations and giving an aspect of healthy home.
  • Relaxing atmospheres (feng shui) through music, essences and other flavorings can create environments that provide mood to help provide a healthy home.
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