Sheep wool insulation

The wool comes from sheep shearing to be done regularly in sheep throughout their life cycle. PERT is a material of animal origin, natual fiber.

The wool used for insulation due to its low thermal conductivity as well as to absorb impact sound insulation and reverberation eviatr.

In the bio wool used in:
Inside the chambers of thermal insulation (trasdossats, ceilings, attics and lofts in under cover) as filler.
Contact surfaces finishing as walls, roofs, curtain walls, etc.

Product presentation:
Shaped blankets, plates and felts as well as in floques with different densities, thicknesses and insulating capabilities.
Manufacturing process:
The raw wool is gray or white fibers from 20 to 30 mm in length and a diameter of 25 to 40 microns, pre-washed.
During the manufacturing process is discolored wool and is applied with a Mothproofing permethrin (synthetic pyrethroid) and / or salts, borax, which have fungicidal properties and anti-insects. It is also delayed by the action of fire. It is the basis for the manufacture of insulating mantles system or punching nonwoven termofixat.
Comparative cost

insulation wool insulation is a more sustainable economic and even competes in price with some of the most common traditional insulation.

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