Sustainable Enclosures

Choose closures sustainable for our home to help save on energy demand of the building.

Why sustainable closures?
So the initial cost to be carried out, we have to deduct the cost savings that we obtain energy by having it and the result will be cost effective means that the change to a sustainable closures, Pert we are talking about an investment because it allows us savings.

But energy, this cost effective for our pocket should you deduct the cost of energy that represents the manufacturing process and transport as well as other environmental impacts that represents a closure unsustainable.
How to recycle closures unsustainable?
We share their commitment to reducing environmental impact.

If you want to recycle your old carpentry unsustainable, one option may be to reuse the old windows. The reformulation of an old window can be a fun DIY project. You can build a mini greenhouse or create a piece of art to hang on the wall here will provide some ideas.
Another option is to contact local nonprofit organizations and give them the windows and doors to old for their projects.

How can we help you?
If you do not want to recycle them and we bought closures sustainable replace old windows or doors we’ll carry it to the authorized deixellaria.

We provide an extensive collection of sustainable closures (laminated wood and mixed wood and aluminum)

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