Bioclimatism or also called passive architectural solutions and systems (sensitivity guidelines, cross ventilation, which houses the climate …) in order to obtain comfort while saving energy is the first and so must be fixed at once architectural design of any system in passive bioclimatic architecture bio, with a study of energy sustainability can achieve the desired level bioclimatic.

Second, evaluate the bioclimatic systems architectural assets of both renewable energy and energy efficiency and saving energy resources and non-renewable, insulation, saving

We can distinguish different types of bioclimatic strategies in bioclimatic:

Bioclimatism generic strategies:

  • Location and orientation
  • Capturing and sunscreen
  • isolation
  • Mass and thermal inertia
  • ventilation

Bioclimatism specific strategies:

  • Capturing and light control
  • Sunscreens holes and solid parts
  • Thermal collectors direct, semi-direct and indirect (windows, walls of inertia, Trombe walls, without inertia sensors …)
  • Capturing and ventilation control.
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