Isolation sustainable buildings keeps a comfortable temperature at the same time reducing energy demand, saving energy.

The advantages of using sustainable insulation as insulation and natural building material natural sheep’s wool for insulation in construction, consist diminución consumption and global CO2 emissions. Simply installing thermal insulation systems sustainable.

Also pulp, hemp or cotton are good insulators sustainable.

The main types of insulation for sustainable rehabilitation apply to:

with cavities: injection of insulating material.
extradossats gypsum board laminated insulation products attached
Solid masonry: external insulation projected or fixed mechanically protected and ventilated façade systems or with a plaster mortar.

Under Roof: insulation between joists and on.
On Deck: isolation on the skirt and secure the system cover.

rigid insulation under the finish.
There are other places to implement sustainable insulation closures (doors, toned, etc), which contains information on other sections.

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